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Reading with the Tigers at Antheil Elementary School

Reading with the Tigers at Antheil Elementary School


During a recent visit to Antheil Elementary School, Princeton University's student-athletes swapped their textbooks for storybooks! Princeton varsity student-athletes, representing a variety of sports, came to Antheil as part of "Reading with the Tigers", community outreach program.  The Tiger student-athletes read to Antheil students ranging in grade levels from kindergarten through fifth grade.  The student-athletes also answered questions about what it means to play a varsity sport at Princeton.


Deion King, a Princeton student and athlete, read to a 4th grade class about the rumored history of the potato chip. While reading he would stop naturally to check in with students’ understanding. The students hung on to every word he spoke with wide eyes and open ears. He fed into their curiosity and encouraged the students to read for fun. Deion answered as many questions as he could about potato chips, football, Princeton, and even about how tall he is! The whole class was glowing afterward.


“It’s important for students to have interactions with positive student role models and this fit the bill perfectly. The Princeton students in each class spoke about the importance of education. Many students seemed to really internalize the message.