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Fisher Middle School Assembles 313 Bags for TASK Fundraiser

Task FMS  

Students from the Life Skills Classroom at Fisher Middle School organized a fundraiser amongst the entire student body that allowed for 313 ‘Diabetes Snack Bags’ to be assembled for donation to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen.


In connection with their Life Skills curriculum, the eight students prepared for the fundraiser by creating advertisement signs, handing out collection boxes and creating graphs to track each homeroom’s donations. Each grade level was responsible for donating certain items.


During the fundraiser, which spanned two weeks, the students were responsible for going to each homeroom every morning, collecting the items and then graphing how many items were brought to school. The response from the students was heartwarming; each day the students returned with multiple items in their hands and smiles on their faces. When the fundraiser was complete, students assembled individual bags that consisted of a fork, napkin, granola bar, can of tuna or chicken salad, and a bag of crackers; they counted and documented how many bags were completed.


After realizing the positive outcome of working together as a Fisher family, students are looking forward to completing another fundraiser in the spring. The students learned they can make an impact in one person’s life or, in this case, 313 lives.

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